2009 CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival full schedule at cmj09.sched.org

C 10:00am – 12:00pm 95bFM Session @ WNYU WNYU Studios
P 11:00am – 12:15pm iLike It When YahoogleMyFaceTunes... You Tweet NYU, Kimmel Center, 9th Floor, Rooms 905-907
P 11:00am – 12:15pm Masters Of The Indie Universe Discuss A Path To The Future
P 11:00am – 12:15pm When Management Goes Label NYU, Kimmel Center, 8th Floor, Shorin Room 802
P 12:30pm – 1:45pm Mobile Devices And Concepts Of Tomorrow Here Today NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Room 405
P 12:30pm – 1:45pm So You Still Want A Major Label Record Deal? Here's The Truth' NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Eisner & Lubin Auditorium, NYU Kimmel Center, NYU Kimmel Center, Room 401
P 12:30pm – 1:45pm Strategically Aligning Your Music World With Partnerships And Alliances NYU, Kimmel Center, 9th Floor, Room 905-907
P 12:30pm – 1:45pm The Anatomy Of The Live College Performance Market NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Room 405
P 12:30pm – 1:45pm Tribute Bands: From Clubland's Dirty 'lil Secret To Profitable Programming
C 1:00pm – 3:00pm CHUO Session @ WNYU WNYU Studios
P 2:00pm – 3:15pm A Thriving Revival Of The Dance Music Genre NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Room 406
P 2:00pm – 3:15pm A View Of The Music Industry From A Youthful Perspective NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Room 405
P 2:00pm – 3:15pm Keeping Metal Radio Relevant In The Digital Age NYU, Kimmel Center, 9th Floor, Room 905-907
C 2:00pm – 3:15pm Featured Speaker: Andrew W.K. NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Eisner & Lubin Auditorium, NYU Kimmel Center, NYU Kimmel Center, Room 401
P 2:00pm – 3:45pm Artist Development: New Technology Applied To Old School Basics NYU, Kimmel Center, 8th Floor, Shorin Room 802
F 2:00pm – 4:00pm Speaking In Code Norwood Screening Room
P 3:30pm – 4:45pm Being Your Own Label NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Room 406
P 3:30pm – 4:45pm Now More Than Ever: The Importance Of Music Education NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Room 405
P 3:30pm – 4:45pm The Evolution of Metal NYU, Kimmel Center, 9th Floor, Room 905-907
P 3:30pm – 4:45pm Timeless Miles: 1959 - A Pivotal Year In Music NYU, Kimmel Center, 4th Floor, Eisner & Lubin Auditorium, NYU Kimmel Center, NYU Kimmel Center, Room 401
P 3:30pm – 4:45pm Understanding The Intricacies Of Modern Music Publishing NYU, Kimmel Center, 8th Floor, Shorin Room 802
F 4:00pm – 6:00pm D-Tour Norwood Screening Room
C 5:00pm – 6:00pm WNYU Session @ WNYU WNYU Studios
S 6:00pm – 4:00pm DJ Parler DROM
F 6:00pm – 7:00pm Girls On The Wall Norwood Screening Room
S 6:00pm – 7:00pm Andrew Belle Rockwood Music Hall
S 6:00pm – 7:00pm Satchel Adams Wicked Willy's
S 6:00pm – 7:00pm Steve Abel Village Underground
S 7:00pm – 7:20pm Those Chosen DROM
S 7:00pm – 7:40pm David Lang Le Poisson Rouge
S 7:00pm – 7:45pm Alan Cohen Experience Local 269
S 7:00pm – 7:45pm Beach Fossils Santos Party House Basement
S 7:00pm – 7:45pm Nouvellas Knitting Factory
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Bodega Girls Pianos
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Christine Martucci Wicked Willy's
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Clothes Make The Man Ace of Clubs
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Emilyn Brodsky Living Room
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Faces On Film Bowery Poetry Club
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Freelance Whales Bowery Ballroom
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Lia Ices Mercury Lounge
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Railbird Rockwood Music Hall
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Silly Kissers Arlene's Grocery
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Tenderhooks Spike Hill
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm The States Village Underground
S 7:00pm – 8:00pm Wunderbugg Kenny's Castaways
F 7:00pm – 9:00pm The Men Who Stare At Goats Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
S 7:00pm – 10:00pm Gabe Liedman (hosting) Cameo Gallery
S 7:00pm – 10:00pm Jenny Slate (hosting) Cameo Gallery
S 7:00pm – 10:00pm Kumail Nanjiani Cameo Gallery
S 7:00pm – 10:00pm Matt McCarthy Cameo Gallery
S 7:00pm – 10:00pm Max Silvestri (hosting) Cameo Gallery
S 7:00pm – 12:00am Anwar Robinson S.O.B.'s
S 7:00pm – 12:00am Dmo Macklin S.O.B.'s
S 7:00pm – 12:00am Eric Roberson S.O.B.'s
S 7:00pm – 12:00am Hotep S.O.B.'s
S 7:00pm – 12:00am Soundhouse S.O.B.'s
S 7:00pm – 12:00am The Collective S.O.B.'s
S 7:00pm – 12:00am The Senate S.O.B.'s
S 7:15pm – 8:00pm Free Energy Santos Party House
F 7:15pm – 9:15pm Bananas!* Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
S 7:20pm – 7:35pm Kimberly Nichole DROM
S 7:30pm – 8:10pm Brit and Cavalry Delancey
S 7:30pm – 8:15pm Drink Up Buttercup Cake Shop
S 7:35pm – 7:55pm Jesse Boykins III DROM
S 7:45pm – 8:30pm Blood Warrior Knitting Factory
S 7:45pm – 8:30pm Eternal Summers Santos Party House Basement
S 7:45pm – 8:30pm NOW Ensemble Le Poisson Rouge
S 7:45pm – 8:30pm The Boy Bathing Local 269
S 7:55pm – 8:15pm Diamond District DROM
S 8:00pm – 8:30pm Sydney Wayser Living Room
S 8:00pm – 8:40pm John Biz Bruar Falls
S 8:00pm – 8:40pm We Are The World Bowery Poetry Club
S 8:00pm – 8:45pm MONEY/PAPER/HEARTS The Suffolk Back Room
S 8:00pm – 8:45pm Team William Fat Baby
S 8:00pm – 8:45pm the black watch Lit Lounge
S 8:00pm – 8:45pm Ungdomskullen Santos Party House
S 8:00pm – 8:50pm Clinton Curtis Sullivan Hall
S 8:00pm – 8:50pm Gully Bank Sound System Brooklyn Bowl
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm ALOUD Glasslands Gallery
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Bang Bang Eche Pianos
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm BEAST Arlene's Grocery
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Beautiful Small Machines Kenny's Castaways
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Brass Bed Wicked Willy's
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Click Clack Boom Spike Hill
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Crush Club Crash Mansion (Downstairs)
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Dawn Landes Bell House
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Findlay Brown Bowery Ballroom
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Hermit Thrushes Charleston
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Javelin Mercury Lounge
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Jones Street Station Alphabet Lounge
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Love In October Trash
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Mad Soul Child Village Underground
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Peter Peter Hughes Union Hall
S 8:00pm – 9:00pm Red Collar Ace of Clubs
S 8:00pm – 10:00pm Treeboy & Raspberry Jones (DJ set) Littlefield
S 8:15pm – 8:35pm Big Sean DROM
S 8:15pm – 9:00pm Ivana XL Delancey
S 8:15pm – 9:00pm The Depreciation Guild Cake Shop
S 8:30pm – 8:00pm Julia Wolfe Le Poisson Rouge
S 8:30pm – 9:00pm Pinky Swear Living Room
S 8:30pm – 9:15pm Dan Mills Local 269
S 8:30pm – 9:15pm Evan Voytas Santos Party House Basement
S 8:30pm – 9:15pm Paul & the Patients Southpaw
S 8:30pm – 9:15pm Takka Takka Knitting Factory
S 8:30pm – 9:25pm Lucky Fonz III Googie's Lounge
S 8:30pm – 9:30pm The Gulf of Michigan Delancey (Upstairs)
S 8:30pm – 9:30pm Twitch The Ripper Maxwell's
S 8:35pm – 9:00pm Pac Div DROM
S 8:45pm – 9:15pm Javaughn Brooklyn Bowl
S 8:45pm – 9:30pm Deastro Santos Party House
S 8:45pm – 9:30pm International Espionage! The Suffolk Back Room
S 8:45pm – 9:30pm New Villager Bowery Poetry Club
S 8:45pm – 9:30pm Oh My God Lit Lounge
S 8:45pm – 9:30pm Setting Sun Bruar Falls
S 8:45pm – 9:30pm Space Capone Crash Mansion (Downstairs)
S 8:45pm – 9:30pm Under the Sherry Moon Fat Baby
S 8:50pm – 9:40pm Kleenex Girl Wonder Union Hall
S 8:50pm – 9:40pm Mutlu Sullivan Hall
S 9:00pm – 9:10pm Sara Benincasa Living Room
S 9:00pm – 9:40pm Darcy James Argue's Secret Society Le Poisson Rouge
S 9:00pm – 9:40pm The Swimmers The Studio @ Webster Hall
S 9:00pm – 9:45pm Buke and Gass Delancey
S 9:00pm – 9:45pm Housing Authority The Rose
S 9:00pm – 9:45pm Ringo Deathstarr Cake Shop
S 9:00pm – 9:45pm Rough Francis Gramercy Theater
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Blair Alphabet Lounge
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Ribbons Glasslands Gallery
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Richard Davies Kenny's Castaways
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Surf City Bell House
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm The Purrs Wicked Willy's
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm The Roulettes Charleston
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm The Selmanaires Music Hall of Williamsburg
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm The Wrecking Ace of Clubs
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm The xx Mercury Lounge
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm These United States Pianos
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Think About Life Arlene's Grocery
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Tigercity Bowery Ballroom
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Valley Of The Shadow Of Death Zebulon
S 9:00pm – 10:00pm Volcanoless In Canada Spike Hill
S 9:15pm – 10:00pm Casxio Southpaw
S 9:15pm – 10:00pm Gully Bank Sound System Brooklyn Bowl
S 9:15pm – 10:00pm La Strada Knitting Factory
S 9:15pm – 10:00pm Small Black Santos Party House Basement
S 9:15pm – 10:00pm Will Kevans Local 269
S 9:15pm – 10:30pm Elon James White Living Room
F 9:15pm – 11:30pm My Movie Girl Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
S 9:30pm – 10:10pm Apache Beat Bowery Poetry Club
S 9:30pm – 10:10pm Dead Heart Bloom Bruar Falls
S 9:30pm – 10:10pm Enemy Lovers Crash Mansion (Downstairs)
S 9:30pm – 10:15pm Binary Sunrise Lit Lounge
S 9:30pm – 10:15pm Black Cherry Fat Baby
S 9:30pm – 10:15pm I Was A King Santos Party House
S 9:30pm – 10:15pm The Megaphonic Thrift The Suffolk Back Room
S 9:30pm – 10:30pm Harlem Maxwell's
S 9:30pm – 10:30pm Naia Kete Googie's Lounge
S 9:30pm – 10:30pm Nathan Halpern Delancey (Upstairs)
F 9:30pm – 11:30pm From Wood To Singing Guitar Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
F 9:30pm – 11:30pm I Am A Man: From Memphis, A Lesson In Life Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
F 9:30pm – 11:30pm No Sana Hoy Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
F 9:30pm – 11:30pm Water In The Boat Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
F 9:30pm – 11:30pm Welcome To My Queer Bookstore Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
S 9:40pm – 10:30pm El May Union Hall
S 9:40pm – 11:30pm Chris Barron & Friends Sullivan Hall
S 9:45pm – 10:15pm Hank and Cupcakes Delancey
S 9:45pm – 10:30pm Activator Gramercy Theater
S 9:45pm – 10:30pm Mic Crenshaw The Rose
S 9:45pm – 10:30pm Twin Atlantic The Studio @ Webster Hall
S 9:45pm – 10:30pm Zaza Cake Shop
S 10:00pm – 10:30pm Real Estate Santos Party House Basement
S 10:00pm – 10:45pm Aeroplane Pageant Southpaw
S 10:00pm – 10:45pm Bosque Brown Local 269
S 10:00pm – 10:45pm The Title Tracks Knitting Factory
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Atlas Sound Music Hall of Williamsburg
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Batrider Charleston
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Bel Air Alphabet Lounge
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Dang-It Bobby's Pete's Candy Store
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Darlings Glasslands Gallery
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Demander Spike Hill
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Family Of The Year Living Room
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Gentleman Auction House Trash
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Julian Marley + The Uprising (feat Stephen Marley) Brooklyn Bowl
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Kate Bradley & Goodbye Horses Kenny's Castaways
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Mumford & Sons Mercury Lounge
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Postelles Bowery Ballroom
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm Sparky Quano Zebulon
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm The Candles Pianos
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm The Knew Wicked Willy's
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm The Love Language Bell House
S 10:00pm – 11:00pm We Are Wolves Arlene's Grocery
S 10:15pm – 10:00pm Renminbi Lit Lounge
S 10:15pm – 11:00pm Cymbals Eat Guitars Santos Party House
S 10:15pm – 11:00pm Empires Fat Baby
S 10:15pm – 11:00pm Field Theory Bruar Falls
S 10:15pm – 11:00pm Japanther The Suffolk Back Room
S 10:15pm – 11:00pm Modern Skirts Crash Mansion (Downstairs)
S 10:15pm – 11:00pm Suckers Bowery Poetry Club
S 10:15pm – 11:00pm The Narrative Delancey
S 10:30pm – 11:10pm Dinowalrus Cake Shop
S 10:30pm – 11:10pm Rubik The Studio @ Webster Hall
S 10:30pm – 11:15pm Azeem The Rose
S 10:30pm – 11:15pm CX KiDTRONiK w/ Tchaka Diallo Gramercy Theater
S 10:30pm – 11:25pm Franklin Bruno Union Hall
S 10:30pm – 11:30pm Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Stars Blue Note
S 10:30pm – 11:30pm Lovemakers Maxwell's
S 10:30pm – 11:30pm Savoir Adore (DJ Set) Santos Party House Basement
S 10:30pm – 11:30pm Thomas Simon Delancey (Upstairs)
S 10:30pm – 11:40pm SV4 (DJ set) Littlefield
S 10:45pm – 11:30pm Class Actress Southpaw
S 10:45pm – 11:30pm The Black Hollies Knitting Factory
S 10:45pm – 12:00am Currensy B.B. King's
S 10:45pm – 12:00am Jadakiss B.B. King's
S 10:45pm – 12:00am Kidz In The Hall B.B. King's
S 10:45pm – 12:00am Raekwon B.B. King's
S 10:45pm – 12:30am Michael Sackler-Berner Local 269
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Let's Wrestle Bell House
S 11:00pm – 11:30pm Jason Trachtenburg Living Room
S 11:00pm – 11:40pm Mike Del Rio Crash Mansion (Downstairs)
S 11:00pm – 11:40pm Sherlock's Daughter Bruar Falls
S 11:00pm – 11:45pm Absentstar Fat Baby
S 11:00pm – 11:45pm Hesta Prynn Delancey
S 11:00pm – 11:45pm Les Handclaps Cameo Gallery
S 11:00pm – 11:45pm Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! Lit Lounge
S 11:00pm – 12:00am and the relatives Charleston
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Bear Hands Mercury Lounge
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Broadcast Music Hall of Williamsburg
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Evan Dando Pianos
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Fanfarlo Bowery Ballroom
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Golden Silvers Bowery Poetry Club
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Heavy Birds Pete's Candy Store
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Hot Lava Glasslands Gallery
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Malajube Arlene's Grocery
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Motocade Spike Hill
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Norris Zebulon
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Old Soul Wicked Willy's
S 11:00pm – 12:00am The Beautiful Taste Kenny's Castaways
S 11:00pm – 12:00am The Seedy Seeds Trash
S 11:00pm – 12:00am Ume Ace of Clubs
S 11:00pm – 12:00am US Royalty Fontana's
S 11:00pm – 2:00am Clipse Le Poisson Rouge
S 11:00pm – 2:00am Grandchildren Le Poisson Rouge
S 11:00pm – 2:00am Ninjasonik Le Poisson Rouge
S 11:00pm – 2:00am Violens Le Poisson Rouge
S 11:15pm – 12:00am Bang Bang Eche The Studio @ Webster Hall
S 11:15pm – 12:00am Primeridian The Rose
S 11:15pm – 12:00am Saul Williams Gramercy Theater
S 11:15pm – 12:00am We Are Country Mice Cake Shop
S 11:30pm – 12:00am Alina Simone Living Room
S 11:30pm – 12:15am Math the Band Santos Party House Basement
S 11:30pm – 12:15am Wild Yaks Knitting Factory
S 11:30pm – 12:15am William F. Gibbs Local 269
S 11:30pm – 12:30am Hollis Brown Sullivan Hall
S 11:30pm – 12:30am James Jameson Delancey (Upstairs)
S 11:30pm – 12:30am Miz Metro DROM
S 11:30pm – 12:30am Ruth Minnikin Googie's Lounge
S 11:30pm – 12:30am The Teenage Prayers Southpaw
S 11:45pm – 12:30am Arizona Fat Baby
S 11:45pm – 12:30am Baby Monster Cameo Gallery
S 11:45pm – 12:30am Only Thieves Lit Lounge
S 11:45pm – 12:30am Rob Roy Crash Mansion (Downstairs)
S 11:45pm – 12:30am Strega Bruar Falls
S 11:45pm – 12:30am The New Collisions Delancey
S 11:45pm – 1:00am Mike Servito (DJ set) Littlefield
S 12:00am – 12:50am Surfer Blood Cake Shop
S 12:00am – 1:00am Boogie Boarder Glasslands Gallery
S 12:00am – 1:00am David Dallas The Rose
S 12:00am – 1:00am Duchess Says Arlene's Grocery
S 12:00am – 1:00am Fool's Gold Bowery Poetry Club
S 12:00am – 1:00am Holopaw Pianos
S 12:00am – 1:00am Kingston Spike Hill
S 12:00am – 1:00am Middle Distance Runner Fontana's
S 12:00am – 1:00am Midnight Juggernauts Bowery Ballroom
S 12:00am – 1:00am miniBoone Charleston
S 12:00am – 1:00am Pete & The Pirates Bell House
S 12:00am – 1:00am Screaming Females Mercury Lounge
S 12:00am – 1:00am Silent Way Kenny's Castaways
S 12:00am – 1:00am Steel Phantoms Ace of Clubs
S 12:00am – 1:00am Stoneman Cole Wicked Willy's
S 12:00am – 4:00am Angelo Lomelo S.O.B.'s
S 12:15am – 1:00am French Horn Rebellion Santos Party House Basement
S 12:15am – 1:00am Still Flyin Knitting Factory
S 12:15am – 1:00am The Armchairs Local 269
S 12:30am – 1:15am Coyote Eyes Delancey
S 12:30am – 1:30am Die! Die! Die! Crash Mansion (Downstairs)
S 12:30am – 1:30am Jenn Grant Googie's Lounge
S 12:30am – 1:30am Kid Color Cameo Gallery
S 12:30am – 1:30am Terry Poison DROM
S 1:00am – 2:00am Colwell Rockwood Music Hall
S 1:00am – 2:00am Derek Mckeith Wicked Willy's
S 1:00am – 2:00am Hey Champ (DJ Set) Santos Party House Basement
S 1:00am – 2:00am Lowery Fontana's
S 1:00am – 2:00am Mussels Glasslands Gallery
S 1:00am – 2:00am Team Robespierre Mercury Lounge
S 2:00am – 3:00am Mighty Five (DJ Set) Santos Party House Basement
S 2:30am – 3:00am K'naan Le Poisson Rouge